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Faithful Prayer

The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.

- James 5:16 (TEV)

My heart went out to the missionary wife who stayed behind to care for a special-needs child as her husband traveled. I should visit her, I thought. But when? I already had more to do than I could manage. A close relative in another state was in hospice care, and I wanted to see her before she died. Visits to both of these women began to appear impossible. All I could do was pray.
All I can do is pray? I thought. Do I take prayer seriously? Isn't God, through prayer, able to meet needs in these situations without my physical presence or input? Do my prayers lack power if I am unable to do anything to help God answer them? No wonder I felt overwhelmed with the needs of others! I was taking on responsibility that is God's!
I asked God to help me trust that my prayers would be answered--not by my action but by God's. Prayer is, indeed, more powerful and important than anything else I can do. Sometimes I am part of the answer in a physical way, but more often the answer comes without my involvement.
Yet in response to our prayers God reaches out to the lonely and to the dying. Our prayers have a powerful effect.

The Author

Marion E. Gorman (Pennsylvania, USA)

Thought for the Day

When we can't be with those in need, we can still pray.


Watchful and caring God, keep us faithful in prayer, and help us trust you to answer. Amen.
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